Capital: Kastri

Area: 620 sq. km /239 sq. miles

Population: 141,000

Population density per sq. km/sq. mile: 227/590

Ethnic composition

Most of the inhabitants are from Africa.


80% are Catholics. The rest of the population belongs to the Anglican or other Protestant denominations.


According to the Treaty of Paris of 1814 Saint Lucia was transferred by France to the possession of Great Britain, the island remained an English colony within the framework of the federal system of the Windward Islands until 1960. In 1967, the federal system collapsed, and Saint Lucia needed internal self-government, since it was an associated state with Great Britain. The founder and leader of the Workers’ Union Party (AKP), John Compton (born in 1926), a lawyer educated in the UK, became Prime Minister, the opposition is represented by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (LPS). In 1975 The associated States tried to become independent, and in February 1979, after lengthy negotiations, Saint Lucia gained full independence within the Commonwealth. Compton took over as Prime Minister.

In the same year, the LPS returned to power led by its leader Allan Luisi, but a party split forced him to resign in 1981. Louisa’s place was taken by Winston Cenac. Soon George Odlam and two other members of the LPS left the party and founded the Progressive Workers’ Party. The following year, the Senak administration literally fought off demands to change the government, which escalated into a general strike. Senak resigned, and the AKP won a convincing victory in the May 1982 elections, retaining control of the Assembly after the 1987 and 1992 elections. In April 1996 John Compton announced his resignation, Vaughan Lewis became the leader of the AKP and prime minister, but in the elections in May 1997, the AKP was defeated, and the government was formed by the leader of the LPS Kenny Anthony.

The country receives its main income from the cultivation of bananas, the sale of which accounts for 40% of the income from the total volume of exports. The fall in banana prices in 1993 caused concern and strikes on the part of farmers and agricultural workers. The unemployment rate is high, but the tourism business is developing in the state. In 1991, the country tried to sit down at the negotiating table with the Federation of the Windward Islands, the Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but no significant results were achieved.