Things that can attract our attention, captivate us or captivate us on this day are deceptive. Everyone keeps their eyes on the screen. Performances and exhibitions are all around. “We perform for you live on stage” Day favors a simple but verifiable love. With a little luck, the weather will be great. Thought: Be worthy of the hope placed on you, do not let me down.

On work issues. Maybe you won’t laugh every minute, but one thing is for sure: it’s always funny. It’s about seasonal work. Certain things happen at certain moments. And you have to be there at a critical moment. Where you start determines how you end the day. You are only paid for a certain number of hours. Therefore, as soon as the sun sets, go home and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day, and the night is given for growth and recovery.

On matters of love. Oh, I know, it’s banal that it looks like the growing season — rainy spring and sunny summer. Yes, it’s a cold winter for us lovers. (And may we at least remain friends.) You two are growing up together. You live in the same space. You eat in the same place. You are exposed to the same conditions. You use the same foundation and roof over your head… You succeed or fail together. It takes two to do it, baby.

On money issues. During this period, goods are a big deal. You should keep an eye on grain prices. And don’t forget about pig stomachs. You bet that the current good conditions will last until the moment when your investment matures. Or you hope that even if things don’t go well, prices will jump. How can you lose? It has something to do with brokers and financial advisors. Choose both carefully.

On the problems of strategy. Your purpose is very ancient. First you hold the head. Then sit down. Then you crawl. Then you learn to walk. And suddenly you find yourself speeding at 65 miles per hour past cornfields on the expressway. You are here to live your cycle… to be a witness of your time… to experience – using your uniquely advantageous position – something that only you can learn, even if you don’t fully understand it yourself. Give things the time they need to exhaust themselves. Many things that cost energy take a year to complete. Give them at least one season. Or maybe 260 days?

This day carries a venom… or preparing a strong blow. Ominous or suspicious things are revealed. Things rattle in the drawer above your head or in the seat pocket in front of you. The weather may suddenly change. The day favors love, both restrained and unrestrained. Thought: Beware of broken glass… especially silvered on one side.

On work issues. If this is not a cage with vipers or a pit with rattlesnakes, then I do not know what it is. Oh, how much sharper it is than a snake’s tooth… It looks like everyone is crawling around and sliding behind the other’s back again, and it’s all hissing, posing and crackling. If I were you, I’d make them swallow dust from their feet.

On matters of love. Are you cutting again? Then scratch my back, and I’ll scratch you. Forever together, right? Well, we’ll always be friends. And at that moment you feel really skilled. But if I were you, I wouldn’t let my guard down for a second. And he wouldn’t make any sudden movements. Let the dance that you perform together be erotic, but it can both hypnotize and poison. It may be harmless for a while. But it can also bite you in the ass.

On money issues. During this period, things are not as calm and serene as they might seem on the surface. Wheat sways slightly under a light breeze. If I were you, I wouldn’t go into it, even with a ten-foot stick in my hands. Snakes lurk in the grass, my friend. (Don’t be one of them.) Someone is talking about a blow. Someone is ready to kill. Someone has information from a knowledgeable person. Don’t let yourself be spotted with unsuitable friends.

On the problems of strategy. Your purpose is underground, secret or mysterious. Everything happens right under your feet and in plain sight, and yet it can become dangerous for you if you let yourself be caught. Both the good and the bad play a role in everything. Opposing forces collide. The “bad guys” are fighting the “good guys”. As sad as it is to admit it, people in White Hats do not always win. If you have to swing your fists, do it for the sake of truth, justice and light. Do it based on principle.