Wondjina in ancient Australian Aboriginal lore are spirits of the clouds and rain. They are sometimes considered creator spirits or gods. However Ancient Alien theorists suggest that the Wondjina are nothing other than “Grey Aliens” as reported in modern alien abduction cases. According to the theory these “aliens” many thousands of years ago visited ancient Australia and made contact with the Aboriginals which in turn influenced, or depending on the myth created the landscape, people and culture.

Depictions of the Wondjina appear in rock art alone or in groups, colours are usually black, red and yellow on a white background. They are only found in the Kimberley region (north-eastern Western Australia). Wondjina paintings appear around 3800 years ago following the end of an era of long drought that gave way to a wetter climate characterised by regular monsoons. Hence their connection to clouds and rain.

Repainting of the Wondjina are carried out by the Mowanjum tribe annually in December or January to ensure that the rains return. At some rock art sites the paint is over 40 layers deep.

Wondjina should not be painted or created by just anyone there are several rules to depicting them and also the type of substance the paint is made from. There are some modern undesirable images and graffiti art of the Wondjina which are considered offensive to Aboriginals and the Wondjina spirits.

Depictions of the Wondjina show them with large oval shaped heads with a type of halo, large black eyes but no mouth. Ancient Alien theorists liken this to “the Greys” who have been reported by abductees as having very small mouths that are almost undiscernible. Aboriginal legends say the Wondjina do not need mouths as they are so powerful they have no use for them. This idea also connects with abduction cases where the abductee reports mental telepathy from the aliens as the mode of communication. Verbal communication is not needed.

Each Wondjina painting is an individual with their own distinct names, the paintings are considered just as powerful as the actual being and should be respected. The Wandjina can punish those who break the law with storms and monsoons.

When Wondjina found the place they would die, they painted their images on cave walls and entered a nearby waterhole, suggesting that they were indeed a corporeal being originally. Some Ancient Aliens theorists suggest that Wondjina were ancient aliens stranded on Earth in the Kimberley region in Australia and influenced Aboriginal tribes belief and culture.