The population of the Earth has been drinking alcohol in various forms for centuries and, apparently, is not going to stop. Who are the main supporters of alcoholic beverages: that’s right, Finns and Russians. However, for some reason, serious research on alcohol is being done in the UK.

Scientists from one of the universities in the “foggy Albion” even received a special state grant for alcohol research. The UK Department of Health decided to find out what happens to people of different ages after consuming large doses of alcohol. Most of all they were interested in unpleasant sensations in the morning and their nature.

Interesting results eventually turned out. For example, at the age of 21, a person’s liver is in perfect condition, which means it is able to decompose harmful substances in alcohol in two hours and remove them from the body. But the older the subjects were, the more this process increased in time.

It is worth noting here that in many countries the sale of alcoholic beverages is allowed only from the age of 21, which logically contradicts the research results. Also, scientists clearly did not take into account the fact that people of the same age and weight are able to perceive alcohol in completely different ways. Most likely, no one took into account the genetic characteristics. It is enough to recall the example of the Chukchi, who from drinking a bottle of vodka can fall into a comatose state. Their body is genetically unable to break down alcohol.

Probably, each of us has encountered unpleasant dry mouth, headache, nausea in the morning after drinking alcohol. All this is due to the slow reduction in the body of enzymes responsible for the absorption and excretion of poisons. With age, the cells of the body gradually dry up and are no longer so well able to process alcohol and its concentration in the body increases.

Sometimes you have to hear that people with a lot of body fat absorb alcohol better, this is another misconception. Fat, on the contrary, because of its structure cannot break down alcohol in any way, but accumulates it, thereby aggravating the situation. Therefore, if you follow the advice of scientists, you can only drink alcohol to thin, wiry young people, and pensioners with an impressive weight should be limited to a glass of kefir.