Here it is, another PUP designed to bring havoc in your machine. It sneaks inside a system without asking for approval; it modifies the browser settings without notifying the owner and it overloads your system with intrusive ads and irritating redirects.

It’s a hazardous add-on because the violent advertisement invasion will never end, while the Internet surfing will be turned to a nightmare: each time you go online, you will end up on websites that you didn’t intend to land on. The PC may often crash and the browser will freeze. Besides, once the adware is in, your security is put at stake. You may expect some data tracking, from a mild threat to an identity theft.

Usually, CutThePrice tool gets to be installed under a cover, so the user isn’t really aware that an additional component will get access to the computer. To remain undetected, the browser hijacker is bundled with freeware; is attached to spam email; to some links from corrupted sites, etc. Also, it can use the anti-virus flaws, since adware may not be listed as a malware, it can fail to block it. This is way it’s better to avoid the potentially dangerous web sources, such as dubious sites for instance.

One more thing to know about it: its creation is due to traffic enhancement techniques. Thus, this adware will serve its masters by generating traffic and pay-per-click revenue, while the PC owner will have to deal with huge troubles. Plus, the third parties may receive the information gathered by means of spying on you and misuse it in order to monetize it, but for the victim it may mean disclosure of privacy.

In order to cut the pop-ups bombardment and restore your cyber safety it’s advisable to get rid of the browser redirect. Please note it’s not enough to re-install the browsers, there are steps that should be undertaken to fulfill the uninstall objective.