Researchers at the University of Oregon, after conducting a number of scientific experiments and studies of insects, namely fruit flies, managed to detect a positive reaction of 25 genes that begin to act under stressful conditions or at the end of the life cycle. According to the information provided by the press service of the Association for the Advancement of Science of the USA, such genes can really help in overcoming certain diseases and severe stresses of an age-related nature. Also, university scientists managed to understand, as a result of which the failure of the natural mechanism becomes a stimulant of aging.

They also reported that a group of detected genes reacts to individual defects inherent in the course of aging at the level of molecules and cells in certain diseases and “oxidative stress”. Also, the list of their advantages includes the function of protecting the nervous system during the activation of the aging process, provoked by biorhythm failures.

In the course of scientific experiments, an oxidative process was provoked piece by piece in young insects, after which the genes discovered by the researchers began to act. Moreover, it turned out that some gene samples are also active in patients suffering from cancer.

It is worth noting that among the conclusions made by scientists, the following stands out: circadian rhythms play a crucial role in the human body and fruit flies, because identical genes are responsible for controlling biological processes. Earlier studies have shown that melatonin or the “sleep hormone” is able to slow down aging. Consequently, its deficiency in the body provokes the failure of some vital functions of the body.

After such statements, all mankind froze in anticipation of a “vaccine” against aging.