Many people who purchase a jar of caviar for a festive table tend to eat it with a spoon and do not even suspect that it may be the ingredients of some interesting dishes. If you are already typing the phrase “black caviar” into the search engine, it’s time to familiarize yourself with several recipes that will surprise your guests.


To begin with, it should be noted that black caviar should not be subjected to heat treatment if you want to preserve its nutritional value and unique taste. That is why it is most often used for making snacks. For example, Finns like to serve caviar by mixing it with sour cream and finely chopped onions, then spreading it on sandwiches. The French are engaged in making crispy baskets of bread, in which they put caviar and serve it all with champagne. In addition, they add it to dishes of artichokes, asparagus and duck liver.

If you decide to buy black caviar, you can also buy all the necessary products for making pancakes. Then you can serve it on the table in a native Russian way. In Japan, you can find sushi with caviar, and oysters decorated with this delicacy and sprinkled with lemon juice are considered the most expensive snack in the world.


To prepare this dish, you will need to rub the boiled egg whites and a piece of butter, mix these products and add lemon juice to them. Spread the resulting mass on tartlets and decorate with black caviar.

Potato boats

Take a few oblong potatoes, cut them on one side and bake in the oven, and then spread with a mixture of grated cheese and butter. Put the caviar on top.