What is one of the main social issues in our world? Poverty. According to statistics, there are almost 800 million people living in poverty around the world. Of course, the level of poverty is extremely high in underdeveloped countries like South Sudan (82.30%), Equatorial Guinea (76.80%) and so on. Even in countries with advanced economies, there are people who live in poverty, for example in Norway with 12.70% people in need.

One of the causes of this problem is a low level of education. When people don’t get a proper education, they cannot find a good job. Also, this is largely due to other social problems like discrimination. Some people cannot get a job because of the administration’s views and beliefs. The problem also concerns disabled people who suffer from discrimination too.

What are the effects of poverty? In fact, the reasons and the consequences are interlinked. People without jobs cannot afford a good education for their children. Moreover, social groups suffering from discrimination are considered useless or dangerous, which leads to even more discrimination and more challenges with finding a job.

How can the government and ordinary people help the poor? There are a number of options. First of all, the authorities and wealthy people should invest in the construction of schools and create jobs for people without education. Another solution is to reduce discrimination. For instance, there is a list of banned jobs for women in Russia that was created in the Soviet Union.

The modern country should get rid of it in order to make everyone equal. Also, the directors who don’t employ people because of their race, sex and other factors, should be punished with discharge and payment of compensation for moral damage. Finally, what ordinary people can do is raise awareness of the problem through social media and volunteering. Besides, they can donate — not only money but also books, clothes and groceries.

In conclusion, the solutions proposed here cannot change everything at once. The reduction of poverty is a long process, and both government and people should take part in it.