The life of the German geographer and naturalist, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Alexander Humboldt (1769-1859), full of extraordinary events and adventures, is known, if not everything, then a lot thanks to his thirty-volume work “Travels to the equinoctial regions of the New World”, numerous diaries and letters. But the reading public of the XXI century, it seems, is not at all interested in the events of the past days. But in vain! After all, the books of Humboldt, who traveled and walked all the countries of Europe, Central and South America, the Urals, Siberia, are quite accessible and interesting primarily because he was one of the first to consider the most complex natural processes evolutionarily, laid the foundations of general agriculture and climatology.

It is no coincidence that the commemorative medal, minted in his honor, is inscribed with prophetic words from the Bible: “There is nothing hidden that would not be revealed, and secret that would not be recognized.”

Being in constant motion, the scientist strictly adhered to the rule: “My first thought is God, my second is reason, and my last is Man.” He always wrote the word “man” with a capital letter, because his brilliant insights, discoveries, discoveries were most often due to the commoners with whom his fate brought him, with whom he shared the hardships of nomadic life. And it was exciting – interesting, sometimes tragic. Sometimes what Humboldt was talking about could hardly fit into the framework of everyday routine. Then the traveler again and again accompanied his notes with the stubborn phrase: “It exists, it exists – I saw it myself, damn it!”

In order for our contemporary to know himself, the surrounding mio. it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the literary heritage of the scientist. In order to awaken the desire to do this laborious 1 thing, we will touch on the theme that inspired Humboldt to the poetic cycle, called by him “The Golden Shadow of Chinkan”, which was preceded by memories “of the only, but forever blinded the receptive mind of walking into mysterious ancient underground abodes.”

Before telling about what Humboldt saw “at the entrance to the underground country”, what he heard from the guides, let’s pay attention: the government of modern Peru by a special decree strictly forbade its own citizens and especially foreigners, driven by idle curiosity and the hope of finding Inca treasures, to approach the entrances to the Cinkan dungeon, which are guarded not only by the figures of the Gods of the Depths carved in the rocks by ancient sculptors, but also by police outfits.

A few years ago, archaeologists discovered one of the oldest human settlements in the Moscow region. They made a sensational discovery that could shock a modern person who considers himself humane and highly moral. It turns out that the people who once lived in the very center of Russia, our ancestors, were cannibals! The excavations of archaeologists have clearly shown that the inhabitants of the ancient camp found ate their own kind.

However, it cannot be said that this discovery was completely unexpected. Back in 1996, a small edition of the philosopher Boris Didenko’s book “The Cannibal Civilization, or Humanity as it is” was published. Considering the history of the development of civilization, the author of the book was struck by the fact that the boundless cruelty, so vividly and generously demonstrated by humanity, has no analogues in the world of higher animals. During the period of human development, there are a total of more than 14 thousand major and minor wars that have claimed about four billion lives. According to B. Didenko, the enormity of the existence and coexistence of human populations cannot be understood without finding out the very causes of the emergence of people.

The theory of the origin of people proposed by scientists confuses, but makes you think. And the most surprising thing is that after the book was published, discoveries were made that confirmed some of the conclusions of its author.

A coven (community) of white magicians has settled in an abandoned village of five courtyards 70 kilometers from Moscow. 12 people gathered for the meeting – six men and six women. I was introduced to the head of the coven, the high priest M. We spent the whole evening talking with him about the life and faith of white magicians, and in the morning a ritual dedicated to the cessation of hostilities in the Caucasus was scheduled.

– We worship two idols – a goddess and a God who have different names in different covens, – M. said. – The main modern religions are inharmonious, since their main, and often the only deity is a man. It’s not fair: the nature surrounding us is bisexual. She is the creation and manifestation of the deities who created her. The higher power is also divided into two sources, two hypostases – female and male. That’s why we worship the Goddess and God.

Who are they – the deities of the white magicians? There are probably no two coven members who will describe the Goddess and God in the same way. The Lady of the Moon, the Mother of the Earth, the Sister of Power – such names are often found in our hymns and poems. Diana, Ishtar, Kali, the Virgin Mary are also her names. Mother earth, fertility, love, the feminine principle in general – all this is a manifestation of the Goddess.

Magic occupies a special place in our religion. It is a great tool for achieving any goals, unknown to ordinary people. Magic serves different purposes: communication with revered deities, attracting their magical energy, a means to solve personal, collective and global problems.

An important place is given in our faith to the doctrine of reincarnation. The human soul is repeatedly reborn for earthly life. The purpose of these re-appearances is perfection.  The soul is cleansed in the arduous affairs of each life or experiences a fall and stagnation if a person leads an unrighteous lifestyle. In each new birth, the soul brings to the earthly world all the accumulated weight of advantages and disadvantages. According to what kind of life a person led in a previous birth, his current fate is also being built. He is forced to correct the mistakes of his predecessor, to suffer for his sins, because they have a common soul.

Now about the spouse of the Goddess – Gods. The Horned God, the Harvest King, the Green Man, the Hunter – the second half of the great life force of the universe. Like his consort, the Goddess, God grants love and fertility to the world. But the nature of the energy with which God fills the world is different. He is the male active principle of life on Earth and throughout the universe, which fertilizes the passive feminine principle.

How do I become a member of a coven? There are many ways to do this. It is usually required to undergo a rite of passage. With him begins the introduction to the secrets of white magic. The purpose of initiation is to change the worldview of the initiate, to help him feel the current of the highest life-giving energy emanating from the Goddess and God, to gain the ability to move to other states of consciousness, unlike the ordinary. Having taken an oath, the candidate becomes a real magician and a full member of the coven. He gets witchcraft tools and a new name.