Astrakhan is famous for its paradisiacal conditions for lovers of spearfishing and traditional fishing. More than 50 species of fish live here in the Volga Delta: from perch, rudd, pike to carp and walleye. Successful biting is guaranteed here at any time of the year. The main thing is to properly prepare for fishing in Astrakhan, and then you will definitely not be left without a good catch.

Climate and nature

In the Astrakhan region, you will not see the rivers that are familiar to the central part of Russia, drowning in dense forests. You will not find mountain streams jumping from stone to stone. However, the nature of this region impresses with its beauty and originality. The main attraction is the Volga River, which flows here into the Caspian Sea with many smaller rivers.

Preferred seasons

Numerous fishermen, both amateurs and professionals, come to the Astrakhan Region for fish every year. The choice of season depends on personal preferences. However, the spring spawning time is considered particularly successful, when the fish bite most actively. Most often in this season, predators come across the hook: pike, perch, pike perch, asp, catfish.

In summer, the Volga appears in all its glory and abundance. During this season, fishing is allowed from the shore, as well as from any types of boats (rowing, motor). Therefore, experienced hunters stock up on various gear from spinning rods and float rods to on-board and feeder donuts.

The autumn season in the Astrakhan region is most often sunny. Therefore, the rivers are literally overflowing with large carp and catfish. In addition, peaceful fish (sopa, bream and others) bite well.

Winter fishing attracts real men. The Volga Delta freezes in late autumn, and then lovers of ice fishing go hunting. Roach, tarashka, bream, perch, most often caught on a fishing rod in winter, are ideal for frying and drying.