If UFOs are recorded in the airspace of a particular country, but they do not cross external borders, then it is logical to assume that they came from extraterrestrial space. If we build a logical chain further, it turns out that UFOs are controlled vehicles of a developed civilization from another planetary system. But where do they live in this case – on the surface of planets or in interstellar space? To answer this question, we need to look into the distant past.


Neither astronauts nor automatic vehicles have landed on this planet closest to the Sun yet, but the flights in 1974 and 1975 of the American Mariner-10 spacecraft brought a large amount of valuable information to Earth. And it clearly tells us that the possibility of the origin of life is almost less than on the Moon: there is no atmosphere, and on the surface it is cold (-170 ° C), then it is hot (up to +450 ° C). However, theoretically, life based on silicon, sulfur and phosphorus instead of nitrogen can exist on Mercury. All the conditions on the planet for this are present. But whether it actually exists there or not, further research will show.

Tell me, which of the foreigners joined the Russian intelligence service, was an outstanding intelligence officer of his time, and was arrested and executed abroad during the last assignment?

And “Of course, Richard Sorge,” many will answer. The most knowledgeable in the history of intelligence will also remember Willy Lehmann, the “mole from the Gestapo.” In fact, we are talking about Johann Patrol. He was a Swedish nobleman of Livonian origin, who at some turn of fate began to work for Russian intelligence and rendered her a number of invaluable services.