The world emerged from a point in space. Nature, by its incredible action, distributed the entire mass of matter across space. That is, there is a cloud of matter distributed by the explosion in zero gravity. This cloud, in turn, consists of microparticles. By microparticles we mean the smallest parts of matter. In this article we will talk about atoms.

What does this information give us to understand the essence of everything that is happening? We look at life from the point of view of the matrix program. In other words, we assume that life is originally programmed. Who is this secret programmer, the creator? The answer is simple and obvious, there is none.

So, an atom is a nucleus, with electrons flying around it. These electrons, by the sum of their masses, form the mass of an atom, which is called the atomic mass.

This is nature. Matter, having occupied a certain place in space with each atom, as in an hourglass, predetermined the course of events backwards. And in this short formulation, a brilliant meaning is hidden, and if you want, the code of the formula of the entire universe. That’s how the world works, but everything is in order.

If we imagine that each part of matter, be it an atom or a group of atoms, is a grain of sand in a glass vessel of an hourglass, then interacting with each other, they will create the course of history. The bottom ones fall into the hole first, followed by the next ones, and so on. The roughest ones will linger a little, while delaying the rest. The smoothest ones will slip forward.

We do not prepare sand specifically for the hourglass. We use what nature has given us. We do not seek to observe at the molecular level the absolute similarity of the crystal lattices of these grains of sand. Therefore, when interacting, they can give a somewhat excellent result. And in large communities and associations, they can, as a whole layer, provide a certain displacement of the entire mass of matter as a whole.

In other words, having considered on this simple example, a model of the behavior of matter in space, we are gradually approaching a deeper consideration of the behavior model of a single substance, in this particular case, which is our life!