Conspiracy theorists have found secret CIA materials that will help to understand the origin of a person. They report on unknown civilizations that built space objects on the Moon in the form of a chain of pyramids 1,000,000 years ago. It is noteworthy that the same pyramids are located on Earth (the famous “wonder of the world” in Egypt).

These facts allow us to establish that the ancient inhabitants of our planet had contact with aliens. The CIA did not comment on the leak. But it is known that specialists of the Central Intelligence Agency have repeatedly tried to get in touch with representatives of an otherworldly civilization.

The attention of conspiracy theorists was attracted by the recording of Colonel Melsen’s conversation with an unknown psychic. The conversation took place on April 21, 1983. First, the employee verified the authenticity of the agent. To do this, a well-known method is used – a document with coordinates is placed in an envelope, then closed. The psychic must “read” the letter and give a specific address. According to the recording, it is heard that the specialist has successfully passed the test.

Then they “slipped” an image of the Moon to him. At that time, Americans were actively studying the celestial body. The psychic began to correctly say everything about the celestial body, without even suspecting it. He said that:

  • It is a round object connected to the Earth (the moon is a natural satellite of our planet).
  • Feels icy cold (the atmosphere is discharged, the temperature here can really reach -160 degrees).
  • He does not see people, only strange “noise objects” (probably we are talking about moon rovers).

After that, the psychic began to say strange information: “I see thin and tall people. No, not people… It’s like shadows. They live in pyramids. I can see that they are in pain… They’re screaming. They’re dying. Probably everyone died. I don’t see them anymore…”. Probably, no one would have paid attention to the words of a clairvoyant.

But the Japanese Kaguya probe did find similar objects. It happened not far from the Marius Hills. The objects are located on a plateau located at a depth of 80 meters. So far, the question remains a mystery. Perhaps those “long and skinny” creatures “migrated” to Earth? Or were you looking for a haven on other planets? How were they able to build themselves a “shelter” on Earth? Why did you choose the territory of modern Egypt? There are more questions than answers. It became known that a certain Conan Var Kohl will be engaged in solving the pyramids.

Earlier, Hillary Clinton promised to reveal all the secrets about UFOs and communication with unknown civilizations if she becomes president. It looks like the US really has something to hide.