Representatives of skunks (Mephitidae) could create paintings or write brilliant books. At least for the reason that their abstract thinking is no worse developed than ours. Newly born creatures remember not only “parents”, but also objects located nearby. This allows them to adapt to life faster. Then abstract thinking forms the imprinting reaction.

Abstract thinking of skunks was proved by scientists from Cambridge. They conducted such an experiment. Newborn mammals were shown different figures. To someone – a cube, to someone – a pyramid, to someone a sphere. The mammals remembered this and started running after this or that figure.

Then everything was complicated. An animal that was shown a cube was shown a pyramid. The goal of researchers led by Henriet Varzano is to understand whether skunks can generalize and distinguish. As it turned out, they can. The scientists described the experience in a scientific article in the journal Science, Nature&Animals.

So far, only monkeys, parrots and crows could analyze abstract signs of difference and similarity. Scientists’ research continues. It is likely that another sensation is waiting for us soon.

Experts tried to explain why representatives of Mephitidae needed abstract thinking. Otherwise, kids will not be able to remember their parents and “home”. Nature has made sure that skunks are not lost in the habitat.

Henriet Varzano commented on the results: “Of course, we will continue to work. Now it is important to understand how else animals can use the natural gift…”.

This ability can be considered in another plane. It turns out that any skunk is much more creative than artists or writers. And, at least, it is not inferior to them.