A few days ago, scientists at Virginia Polytechnic University revealed a curious substance. It was found in red wine. It turned out that this substance – resveratrol – is able to significantly slow down the aging processes of both brain cells and skin cells.

I must say that resveratrol was found not in the wine itself, but in the peel of grapes, which goes to the preparation of wine and where the most useful vitamins and substances are contained.

Laboratory studies conducted, as usual, on mice, showed that those mice who regularly received a portion of resveratrol from the age of one year had a neuromuscular system much stronger by the age of two than in other experimental animals.

I must say that resveratrol has the same effect on brain and skin cells, as, for example, adjusting nutrition and exercising.

The “pioneer” of the study, Gregorio Valdez, in his interview noted that a person physically will not be able to drink the amount of wine that is necessary for a significant impact on the brain. The scientist stated that the human brain is immune to a large amount of wine – unlike mouse. So red wine lovers may be a little upset.

According to statistics, resveratrol is more contained in red wines than in white ones. This is due to the presence of a large amount of vitamins and nutrients in the red peel of grapes.

The researchers themselves say that this discovery will allow them to get closer to a more important clue and finally understand the mechanism of aging of the skin and brain cells.

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