We think many of you have heard about the constellation Libra, but few people guessed that there is a planet in it, life on which is simply unbearable, but for a person, as you know, nothing is impossible. American scientists have become the discoverers of the planet, but their Russian colleagues are in no hurry to trust scientific conclusions and want to study it themselves.

In recent decades, humanity has been actively searching for planets suitable for life. The world’s population is constantly increasing, and already there are problems with food and drinking water in some regions, so the problem is very acute. Exploring the starry sky once again, astronomers have discovered a star that can easily, if necessary, become a replacement for the Sun.

They also noticed a rocky planet next to her, which, under certain conditions, can be suitable for human life, if of course there are such crazy people. The planet is 5 times heavier than our Earth. There is eternal night on one side of this planet, and eternal day on the other, and all this is complemented by unbearable heat. Naturally, if earthlings ever decide to settle there, they will have to sit “in the steam room” at eternal night.

Is it possible to explore this planet, nothing is impossible, only 11 million kilometers and you are on the spot.

Who can be sent to this planet. Maybe volunteers from distressed countries or, conversely, rich space tourists. Some particularly desperate researchers suggest sending prisoners there, but have they studied the moral side of this issue well. Yes, scientists recognize that the planet is “conditionally inhabited”, i.e. there is a possibility of water in a liquid state on it. It is impossible to say how difficult the living conditions are there, it will be influenced by various nuances. Probably, there is a rather dense atmosphere and a greenhouse effect. It is possible that in some places the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius. We can safely call it “cosmic hell”.