Which of you, at least once in your life, has not said or not heard the following phrases:

  • The interview went like clockwork;
  • Flew to this meeting as if on wings;
  • Worked “willingly”…

This phraseological series can be continued for a long time. It would seem that what is common between all these phrases?

They emphasize that the person uttering them experienced spiritual comfort and deep satisfaction from what he was doing and from the result obtained.

The commodity shortage has long been a “myth of the last century.” Currently, the well-being of your business is not determined by the ability to “get a deficit”. The key to the well-being of a modern businessman is increasingly moving into such a delicate and delicate area as the mood and state of mind of a potential client (partner, investor, etc.). I am sure that you will fully agree that the “scoop” saleswoman with her splash of negativity “for everything!” automatically deprives her store of at least several sales. Even if we are talking about an extremely popular branded product. The bad mood of the company’s top manager is much more dangerous for business results. And, if we quote folk wisdom – all diseases are caused by nerves – then, paraphrasing it for this case, we can state with confidence:

Bad mood when doing business – guaranteed lost profit

The simplest example from your daily life. You choose fruits at the bazaar. Three sellers are selling what you are looking for. The first one buzzes over your ear like an annoying fly and climbs with his proposals quite aggressively. The second one embodies “all the sorrow of the Jewish people” in his eyes, is clearly upset, tearful and hovers somewhere far from the counter with his thoughts. The third one smiles at you in a friendly way, says quite harmless, but very pleasant and appropriate compliments…

Whose business will you support “with your own blood”? Who, thanks to you, will make a profit? The answer is very obvious. And it clearly shows that the mood can help business. Or maybe kill him, literally.

That is why in all leading companies, the head forbids the manager to meet with the client, even if it is a scheduled meeting, when he is in a bad mood, considering such a state of an employee of the company to be a serious undermining of the image of the organization, its anti-advertising.

Any of you, starting your own business, moving up the career ladder, developing an established business, always strives for further success. And that’s right. But here is the definition of success, its criteria, each person has his own. In recent years, an increasing number of people are beginning to understand the main thing: success is not only money, a dizzying career, a satisfying work schedule, etc. This is, to a large extent, “the weather in the house”!

Today they are gaining more and more weight:

  • properly built relationships with clients, partners and work colleagues based on mutual trust and respect;
  • establishing mutually beneficial contacts based on agreements, not on manipulation;
  • feeling of joy from your work;
  • recognition and respect of colleagues.

Appeals to psychoanalysts are becoming more and more frequent in order to prevent the “burnout syndrome” that is gaining strength, especially among office workers. It is doubly difficult for our “businesswomen” to overcome its consequences, who need a large reserve of internal resources in order not to “discharge” at home and, moreover, manage to save time, mental strength and attention for them.

The question is natural – can an ordinary person learn to control his own feelings, to own them in full?

Not just can, but must! It can’t be said that it’s easy. But the result is amazing. Consistently and purposefully working on their emotions, a person can achieve great results.

Where to start? Naturally, from myself. Learn to constantly observe yourself “from the outside”, analyze and correctly assess a specific situation. Change your worldview and attitude to what is happening.

  • Not “I was insulted”, but “I spent my time on useless thinking – revenge – on my counterpart”;
  • Not “I got angry!”, but “I got angry”

If you look closely, then behind all the problems that arise in your business and in life in general, your antipathies, doubts, fears and self-doubt are easily visible.

Allow yourself to take a sober look at everything, do not be like an ostrich. Find the strength and free your psycho-emotional sphere from what prevents you from enjoying life in any of its manifestations, to love, to create. Believe me: being friendly and loving life in all its manifestations is very productive.

Today, dozens of methods are offered to the attention of an interested person to implement the so-called “non-aggressive self-promotion”, to achieve self-confidence and capabilities, to determine the distance that makes the relationship optimal. Choose any one. Try it. Search. Make a mistake. Just don’t stand still! Remember the main thing:

A person who is seriously engaged in business simply cannot afford to be “out of sorts”.

The culture of expressing emotions and managing them is one of the most important elements that characterize the professionalism of both the individual and the whole team. Having mastered the skills of owning your own feelings and emotions, learning to apply them as one of the tools of creativity, you can change a lot in your own life.

And the sooner you understand this and start this work, the more interesting, brighter and richer your life will become, the sooner tangible success in business will come.