It took more than 10 years for specialists from the Center for Neuroprogramming and Neurophysiology to learn how to read the thoughts of deceased people. For decryption, a special chip is used, which is embedded in the body.

“During testing, we received the first positive results. So far, we can’t read the thoughts of those who died a year or two ago. But within 30 minutes after the doctors state death, we see impulses. If everything works out, then we will be able to understand whether there is an otherworldly world, what it looks like, what laws operate in it … In addition, we are trying to use a tool to understand the thoughts of a person in a coma …” says Heinrich Ultrecht from the University of Tübingen (Germany).

There are disputes around “biological” and “physical” death. Death, which is pronounced by doctors, is the end point of a number of neurodegenerative changes.

For a long time it was believed that people in a state of coma could not think. The same point of view prevailed with regard to the deceased. Swiss neurophysiologists have proved that the world works differently. They conducted experiments involving 10 people. So far, we have only managed to fix the signals. But we will have to conduct a large-scale study to understand the principles of work and communication. An MRI magnetic resonance tomograph and an infrared spectroscope were used for the study. Based on 2 medical instruments, the laboratory was able to create an innovative instrument.

“We hope that our invention will be a breakthrough in science. There are worlds and matters that we do not suspect, because our technology does not allow us to see it …” – summed up Heinrich Ultrekhov.