Are you scared at the sight of the dead and uncomfortable in the cemetery? That’s nothing. The inhabitants of Europe in the Middle Ages were afraid of the uprising of the dead. As always, British scientists distinguished themselves, who found irrefutable evidence that the inhabitants of those times did everything possible so that the dead could not get out of their graves.

A large number of experiments have been conducted in England. For example, in Yorkshire, fragments of 137 bodies were extracted from graves, among which were both children and adult women and men. These remains were excavated 50 years ago, for some reason they did not pay serious attention to them then, but now scientists have decided to study them carefully, since modern technology has huge possibilities. A distinctive feature of all the corpses was that they were all burned before burial. It was immediately possible to think about some kind of epidemic, and perhaps they tried to stop its spread, but everything turned out to be much more confusing.

During the study, several shocking details emerged. First of all, all the bodies of the deceased were first dismembered, and only then they were burned at the stake. It is difficult to find a logical explanation for this fact, it remains only to believe that the inhabitants of those times very much did not want the dead to rise up.

As evidenced by a large number of chronicle sources of the Middle Ages, citizens actually believed that the dead could rise from the graves. Most of all, they were afraid of those who were offended and cursed during their lifetime. They could come back and bring a lot of harm and negativity to the living. Therefore, often such dead people were first beheaded, then the body was dismembered, burned and then a standard burial was carried out.

Probably, such burials are found only in England, since similar finds are not heard of in other countries. Considering what religious passions flared up in the Middle Ages on the “foggy Albion” and constant wars, then another assumption can be made: these are the bodies of prisoners or gentiles who were demonstratively destroyed.