Stories about the existence of a snowman have been stirring people’s minds for decades. There are constantly new and new confirmations of the existence of this mythical beast. Today, Canadian scientists are ready to provide another one of them! The expedition, which was engaged in studying the life of wild animals, found a den on its way. However, the shelter seemed somewhat strange to them – usually bears arrange their dwelling somewhat differently.

Around the den, the ground was almost strewn with animal bones, and researchers noticed large footprints in the snow. These paw prints of an unknown animal had nothing in common with a bear. However, the mysterious owner of the house was not there – the den was empty. Having secured the surveillance cameras near the dwelling of an unknown animal, the scientists continued on their way.

However, so far the cameras have not captured anything interesting – no one has returned to the den. The only trophy obtained by the researchers at this place was a piece of white wool, which they sent for examination. While the sample is being examined, scientists are wondering whose home it was?

This is not the first “call” in favor of the existence of a snowman in these places. About six months ago, in Georgia, a group of American hunters discovered a large animal making moans. As they approached, they saw a snowman who was dying from a severe injury. The hunters did not have any medicines with them except for zelenka, so it was not possible to save the mysterious representative of the fauna.

The hunters said that he was more than 2 meters tall and weighed at least 200 kg. Outwardly, the mysterious inhabitant of the forests looked more like a man than a monkey. The body of the bigfoot was handed over to scientists who promised to put it on display in California after they had conducted all the necessary experiments.

Nevertheless, enough time has passed to conduct research, but for some reason scientists are silent and seem to be in no hurry to show the bigfoot’s body to the general public. On the one hand, the research might not be over yet, on the other, suddenly scientists have found something that it’s better for us not to know about?!