The “fifth” days are marked by glory and shame. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The Nazis burn banned books and take away politically unreliable parents issued by their children. Bush declares victory over Iraq. Ben Vereen, Peggy Lee and Randy Travis were born. Rockefeller Center opens in New York. Mayor- Lyn Monroe played the main role in the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes”  Each of us carries his own cross.

On work issues. “Three” and “Two”. The sign of the Day is mixed. Some are sad, others are having fun. Although everything may look like a struggle between good and evil, there may equally be other motivations. And even good deeds can have negative consequences. Take control of your own destiny by taking advantage of circumstances.
On matters of love. The five o’clock shadow. The Sign of the Day you received carries an obsessive, cherished feeling. Perhaps later you will say“ “I should have guessed from the very beginning.” Each part is different from the others. But looking back, you see that it could not have been otherwise. All the figures were always present. It remains only to add two and three yourself.

On money issues. Give me five. The Sign of the Day you received is unconditional, if not indisputable. One side must take over. But the dominance of each winner is only a temporary phenomenon. You can place your bet on a sure thing and discover later that the game was a foregone conclusion from the very beginning. But there is always a glimmer of hope that you will be on the winning team.

On the problems of strategy. Three out of five is better. Your Sign of the Day is trying to give you advice in the sense that most of the message is true this time. One person tries to confirm what he already believes. The other seeks to find a comforting solution. In general, the opinion of the simple majority wins… sometimes with bare fists, sometimes with more subtle methods.

After the “sixth” days, things will never be the same again. Babe Ruth is sold to the Yankees… The Yankees won the World Baseball Championship four games later… and the players went on strike demanding higher pay. Six is the story of baseball: “6 Death.” “6 Lord ” and “6 Jaguar”. After that, nothing was the same as before: Kent State, Robert Frost. What about James Dean? Reagan testifies in Congress: “The Screen Actors Guild is completely full of communists Since then things have not been the same as before… Things never happen the same way twice.

The Yankees bought Babe Ruth for $125,000 on January 5, 1920 (“6 Death”). The Yankees won the World Championship in four games on October 2, 1932 (“b Vladyka”). On August 12, 1994 (”6 Jaguar”), baseball players went on strike, threatening to refuse to participate in the World Championship. On May 4, 1970 (”6 Rabbit”), National guardsmen shot dead four students protesting against the invasion of US troops in Cambodia in Kent State. Poet Robert Frost died on January 29, 1963 (“6 Owl”). Rebel actor James Dean died on September 30, 1955 (“6 Blade”). Reagan testified about communist activities at a congressional hearing on October 23, 1947 (“6 Storm”).
On work issues. Goal! (6 points.) Your Sign of the Day is expanded this time. Only an attempt is being made to do the best. It depends on the sign whether we are talking about the best of the good or the worst of the bad. In order not to complicate things further, let’s say that everything depends on whose side you are on, on how you interpret something this time. Get up and report back or do some side work.

On matters of love. And a sixpence… Your choice of the Sign of the Day along with the number six may be related to companies, but not necessarily to those that have been supported for a long time. Some unions break up or split, others are sensational, others are fake; some leave, others leave. Love exists not only in fairy tales, but rarely any story is awarded a record. This is a variation of a memorable theme. An old record is playing in your heart.

On money issues. Six of these, half a dozen of those. The Sign of the Day you have chosen this time is characterized by the fact that there are always two ways to look at things. Write down three pros and three cons for each risky venture, and you’ll understand what I mean, you might think, “I’ll be damned if I’ll do this.” In fact, you’ll be damned if you don’t… You won’t even be able to join the game unless you choose your team and adapt.

On the problems of strategy. The advice that your Sign of the Day is trying to give may not always be fully understood until the fact (damn it!) takes place. But do you always want to know in advance what the end will be? If I had told you about him, could you have hastened his advance? Or postpone? Could you turn things around? Einstein said that we can move forward, but not backward. The only way to know how it will end is to keep living.

Things are arranged in a certain way now. But this does not guarantee that it will be appreciated tomorrow.

The “seventh” days are full of action… Libya is being bombed for the second day in a row, troops are landing in Normandy, and 50,000 soldiers are heading to Vietnam… North Korea is invading South Korea… The siege of Waco ends. Occupied Berlin is divided into four zones… but in the end, the wall did not perpetuate the split of the city. The first test tube baby was born. With the help of bioengineering, the mouse has been improved. The U.S. Supreme Court rules that you can record TV programs on video. What would life be like without a noble cause… or without a good fight to the end?

On matters of love. Seven-year itch. The Sign of the Day you received cannot be called successful or unsuccessful, but a little of both will affect the result. For for every winner there is a loser. There is a trap for every skill. Even the most unacceptable situation will eventually be resolved. But what is she like? If there were no good guys, no one would resist.

On money issues. Lucky sevens. The Sign of the Day you have drawn is determined by luck in drawing the card. (I guess you’re playing with a full deck.) No sign has a greater hope of appearing than another, because all chances are equal. Sometimes I’m close to the goal. Sometimes not. And sometimes I’m just lucky. But I have a feeling that this time I will guess.

On the problems of strategy. The seventh pitch? There is not much time for timeouts today, because events are developing quickly, decisively and without much resistance. Your Sign of the Day with this number ahead tells you that it’s time to get rid of the lead and start maneuvering. Today, each sign will behave in accordance with its nature, but very aggressively at the same time.