People have always dreamed of learning to fly – not only with the help of any devices, but also just like birds. The first part of this dream has long come true, while the second is still considered impossible in principle. However, not everyone thinks so: there is evidence that in nature there is a phenomenon known as levitation, which gives a person the opportunity to soar above the ground, as if in weightlessness. According to this point of view, some people have the ability to increase the energy reserve of their body to such an extent that by concentrating it with an effort of will, they can overcome gravity.

The more powerful the energy field, the higher a person can rise by hovering in the air.

Also, in the state of levitation, you can move any distance. And although official science does not recognize this phenomenon in principle, nevertheless, evidence of it has been preserved for centuries and transmitted both in the form of oral traditions and in written sources.

What does a person need to achieve this incredible opportunity?

First of all, there is a high spiritual fullness, the opposite of the mundane aspirations of the bulk of humanity. That is why such personalities as Buddha, as well as some saints, Tibetan lamas and monks had the ability to levitate.

According to legend, in the collections of spiritual writings of the latter, there even existed a kind of “instruction” that helped those who achieved a high degree of enlightenment and spirituality to rise above the ground and soar in the air for many hours. But subsequently, the meaning of many important links of the “instruction” was lost, and it lost its power. However, there are people who claim to have witnessed how some Tibetan monks rose and hovered above the ground about a meter from its surface during prayer. There is also evidence of the levitation ability of African shamans who rose slightly into the air during the “kamlaniya”.

The Christian religion has always had a twofold attitude to this phenomenon. On the one hand, according to the Bible, this ability was possessed by Jesus Christ, who walked on water, as well as some saints – for example, St. Basil the Blessed, once, according to eyewitnesses, lifted into the air and carried across the river by an unknown force. On the other hand, levitation was considered one of the signs of human possession by demons, and during the holy Inquisition it was easy to get burned for it.

Does levitation exist in reality? Opinions on this matter differ, since no one has been able to document this phenomenon so far. Scientists, as already mentioned, consider it pure fiction, but even today there are people who claim to have witnessed levitation.

Thus, to believe or not to believe in the possibility of levitation is a personal matter for everyone. And yet it is worth remembering the words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There are many things in the world, friend Horatio, that our wise men did not dream of.”