A poltergeist is an inexplicable phenomenon that occurs in human dwellings: incomprehensible sounds, falling and moving objects, etc. The word came to us from the German language and translates as “noisy spirit”.

Now specialists-parapsychologists are studying this phenomenon, such a direction of activity is highlighted. Parapsychology studies not only poltergeists, but also other paranormal phenomena that cannot yet be explained from the point of view of traditional science.

It is impossible to deny the phenomenon of poltergeist, as many people have witnessed such events. Most often they are unexplained sounds, light effects arising from nowhere, inscriptions on different surfaces; less often they are flying objects, sometimes the poltergeist manifests itself in the form of unnatural “behavior” of electrical appliances. I have to say right away that the observation of a poltergeist does not bring positive emotions at all.

Poltergeists can be divided into several categories

It is impossible to assert that this phenomenon is a product exclusively of our era: it has always existed, and even such great writers as Pushkin or Gogol describe paranormal phenomena both in their works of fiction and in their notes.

Poltergeists can be divided into several categories: good and bad, making sounds and moving objects, or combining all these qualities.

According to the accumulated statistics of observations of poltergeists, they are usually tied to the place where they occur, or to a certain person. Often its “source” is teenagers during puberty, but sometimes it can be quite adult people. During the Inquisition, this phenomenon was known as obsession. Most parapsychologists who study poltergeists believe that this is more of a phenomenon than some kind of entity.

To this day, no explanation has been received for the poltergeist. In the 19th century, it was believed that the source of the poltergeist was the soul of the deceased in the place of manifestation of a person, or his ghost. In the 20th century, a theory was put forward that this is an independent phenomenon that has nothing to do with deceased people. According to another version, the poltergeist phenomenon is a projection of negative mental activity of a person suffering from mental disorders.

Science, which recognizes the existence of a poltergeist, has put forward the theory that a poltergeist has a common nature with such a physical phenomenon as ball lightning.

It is possible to fight the poltergeist, but, unfortunately, often the methods of struggle are as unsubstantiated as the phenomenon itself, and do not bring tangible help.