Mammoth deserts of Sosnovsky district, Tambov region is the oldest shrine. In the seventeenth century, the Elder Mammoth found an icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker near three lime trees and decided to found a monastery on this place. The Soviet authorities destroyed it, and only in the two thousand and third year the restoration of the monastery began.

Now there is a font on the edge of the Holy Lake with healing water, a chapel, a sculpture of Nicholas the Wonderworker holding a sword in one hand, a temple in the other, and a building where the chapel servants live. The temple itself has not yet been completed. The place is really unusual, as is the cemetery located nearby. Few people know about him, well, of course, except the villagers. It looks ordinary, small and clean. Residents are trying, taking care of the graves of loved ones and relatives. But this cemetery has a secret – it is double. If you approach the supposed end of the cemetery, where trees with a dense crown grow, it turns out that there is a continuation behind this greenery.

And not just a continuation, in the very middle is the burial of the elder. It is easy to find it, because above it there is a building in the form of a gazebo and a monument with the image of the elder. They say that if you ask something from the elder with all your heart and put a note with a wish, it will certainly come true. There are really a lot of notes here, they stick out from all sides. But the most interesting thing is that somehow miraculously, people come here one by one, as if secretly agreeing with each other in the shower. There is no crowd here, and hundreds of notes rustle in the wind.

Several times people tried to photograph this cemetery, and each picture had a bright glow in the middle of the cemetery in the form of a human figure in long clothes. The man stood at full height, his head bowed to the ground. Even the facial features were visible, but with difficulty. But, what is most incredible, just a few days later, this picture disappears from the digital media by itself. And if you print the photo right away, then there is no such radiance. How to explain it and what it is, one can only guess. If the place was ordinary, then people would not come here by mysterious paths, would not write notes, would not ask for help. Perhaps it is the elder wandering around the cemetery and guarding the sleep of the dead, reading prayers over the graves. Whatever it is, but the spectacle impresses even people with strong nerves.

Not really believing the rumor, my friend and I decided to check this fact, and went to the mysterious place in the autumn of two thousand and fifteenth year. The grave was not found immediately, but as soon as they began to approach it, a slight tingling and burning sensation began to be felt in the hands. After putting the note down, we quickly left the cemetery, as the feelings of something unusual stirred the blood and the heart was pounding in our ears with an automatic burst. Taking out the camera, we took a picture. There really was a glow! A very tall man in long clothes stood in the middle of the cemetery, half sideways, with his head bowed to the ground. We drove in silence all the way and were afraid to look at the picture. When we got home, we decided to open the picture, but we couldn’t find it. We didn’t make any more such attempts, and the wish really came true after three months.