Vladimir Kuzmin appeared in the family of a military man and a teacher in 1955. He was an excellent student at school and was already fond of music at that time. Volodya’s talent was obvious – he learned to play the guitar himself, and at the age of six he wrote his first song. Even at school, he successfully remade the songs of the Beatles and the rolling stones. Studying at the institute did not appeal to Kuzmin and he leaves to study music. After graduating from music school, Kuzmin participates in various groups, but he enters the professional stage only with VIA Nadezhda, and then with Gems.

The fastest popularity came to Vladimir when he assembled his own group “Carnival”, which later included musicians from different groups. Already in 1981, a record was released on “Melodies”, where the inscription “rock band” stood. But the cooperation of Kuzmin and Barykin in the group has become close for both musicians and already famous musician Vladimir Kuzmin creates a group “Dynamic”. The band’s music was so diverse that the new band immediately became popular. But politics in the country does not allow us to perform as much as Kuzmin wanted.

Soon Kuzmin’s personality comes to the fore, and the group becomes just an accompanying composition. But the popularity does not leave Vladimir Kuzmin. Here we must pay tribute to his extraordinary musical abilities. No wonder Vladimir was recognized as the best guitarist in Russia. His instrumental talents do not go unnoticed, and in another difficult time for the band Kuzmina invites Alla Pugacheva to work.

Together in Pugacheva, Vladimir realizes his lyrical potential, he is supported at first by the Prima Donna, several records of the artist are released at once. Kuzmin has been working in America for some time, and after arriving home, he continues to create new compositions. And although there were a lot of troubles in the singer’s personal life (the tragic death of his daughter and son), Vladimir does not leave the stage and continues to write songs.