Vehicle control is the first task for a company that is engaged in transportation or maintains its own fleet. Comprehensive GPS monitoring is used for these purposes. This is a set of equipment and software for tracking the technical parameters of the car, the condition of the driver and cargo. When installing specialized equipment and software on a vehicle, pay attention to some points.

What do you need to know?

Modern trackers transmit information both to removable media and to cloud data storage online. These devices monitor the following important points:

  1. The number of planned and unplanned stops.
  2. Fixing emergency situations.
  3. Creation of reports on the use of fuels and lubricants.
  4. Constant monitoring of the condition of the cargo – the level of temperature, humidity, position inside the body, the presence of fasteners.
  5. Data processing when using electronic seals and specialized fasteners with sensors.

Another important point is the timely transfer of coordinates to a remote dispatcher. Thus, the driver’s road map is formed. If he is not in the cab, the system monitors unauthorized intruders into the car interior. If desired, the company administrator can block the engine, as well as turn on the alarm.

Satellite monitoring is used to optimize the cost of consumables during transportation. So, the driver studies his rights, duties and opportunities in advance during the trip. GPS monitoring tracks the slightest deviations from a given program and records them together with the rest of the observations in the form of a report. The time and number of such reports are set both manually and automatically.