The WOW signal was received once in 1977. Dr. Jerry Eyman, an employee of the University of Ohio, managed to catch it with the help of the Big Ear radio telescope. The signal is of extraterrestrial origin, and its broadcast time was 72 seconds.

A few years later, scientists again attempted to catch available signals from other civilizations, using more powerful and modern devices. But all further attempts were in vain.

Meanwhile, other scientists were poring over the decoding of the signal they had already received. It consists of several numbers and letters. Over the past 40 years, many different hypotheses have been expressed, however, the signal remains undeciphered to this day.

The signal consists of only one word – 6EQUJ5.

Here we can highlight the word IQ, which in our civilization is used to measure a person’s intellectual abilities. It can also be deciphered as a friendly attitude on the part of aliens. The number 65, when translated into words, has the meaning “test”. Also, if you use the Russian alphabet in decoding, these numbers can also be translated as “Moscow”. A lot of hypotheses were generated by decoding the signal using the Burmese language, which in itself is extremely intricate.

Whether the data obtained can be a coincidence or whether these words really have some meaning in the message is unknown. One of the last was a hypothesis related to decoding using the Russian alphabet. The meaning of the signal is educational in nature. An extraterrestrial civilization asks to stop destroying the planet and killing each other in wars. If we follow this advice, they are ready to help us in our development.

Whether this is true or not, there is no way to find out. Even if the signal is decoded correctly, 40 years have passed, and no one guarantees stability with an alien civilization. Thus, the WOW signal still remains an unsolved mystery of our humanity.