UFO (unidentified flying objects) is a fairly well-known abbreviation. Although, if you believe the publications, there are many eyewitnesses to this phenomenon, official science still refuses not only to qualify this phenomenon in any way, but even just to recognize its reality. Nevertheless, many experts, being supporters of the fact that it exists, are trying to at least approach this intriguing mystery.

Based on how observers describe them, UFOs can fly, completely ignoring the force of gravity.

The first question is: what is the principle of movement of these strange aircraft?

Ordinary motion, according to the laws of physics, occurs on the basis of several forces: acceleration, gravity and friction. When these forces act on any Earth vehicle, it moves along a certain trajectory, with a gradual set of speed, smooth turns and so on. UFO, at first glance, does not obey these laws at all, and is able to dramatically change the direction of movement, instantly gaining tremendous speed.
Загадки НЛО

However, the laws of nature, of course, cannot be canceled: they are the same for the entire Universe and apply to everything and everyone, including UFOs. Therefore, such a motor phenomenon means only one thing: the creators of alien technology have learned to somehow compensate for the force of gravity. It can be assumed that the principle of its movement is based on the micro annihilation of matter. That is, the alien aircraft produces a sufficient number of antiparticles for annihilation – mutual destruction of matter — and thus creates a vacuum around itself, neutralizing the friction force.

Загадки НЛОThe force of attraction, in turn, can be compensated in some way, for example, by creating an electric field. Eyewitnesses who have observed various UFOs claim that they appear suddenly, resembling a flash, then quickly fade, or disappear from view altogether. It can be assumed that such a bright flash occurs under the influence of a certain field, which gives UFOs the opportunity to instantly gain speed and abruptly change the direction of flight without any damage to themselves. If this is the case, then the effect of the “disappearance” of UFOs is nothing more than a start at a tremendous speed, at which a person is simply unable to see the movement of an object, so it seems that he suddenly disappears from view.

UFO Mysteries
UFO Mysteries

The second mystery of UFOs: where do they come from, and who controls them?

Since no such devices are produced on Earth, UFOs are certainly of extraterrestrial origin. However, it is not possible to answer the question from which part of the universe they come to us, since any contacts with extraterrestrials, if they were, apparently, strictly classified, and therefore are not public knowledge. It can only be assumed with some degree of probability that the UFO is controlled either by the aliens themselves or by robots.