Amazing things happen on days number one. Heroes appear. Political power passes into other hands. Legends are being created… Weissmuller sets three world records in one day. The New York baseball team is returning to the major leagues. The Shah is leaving Iran. At the hotel “Watergate” detained five burglars. The plane crashed into the Potomac River… and a certain hero saves the passengers. Chuck Berry and Dolly Parton were born. Both rock and roll and country music live.

On work issues. Your Sign of the Day smokes like leaves under kindling before a fire breaks out. It’s going to be hot in here. And the moment of glory will come. There are conditions for this here and now. But you have to combine them. History and destiny are being created. And you are in the right place and at the right time to be a witness and participant of this fascinating time.

On matters of love. Don’t smoke afterwards. Your Sign of the Day is blurred by haze, fog and the smoke of rising incense. Your prayers can be answered. (So an eyewitness sees.) But the sign can be disguised, obscured or veiled. Myth and mystery are intertwined. Your sign is better seen through muslin, gas or alcove eyes. Why spoil the moment… or an illusion? You can, as an exception, draw your own conclusion.

On money issues. 1. whatever your Sign of the Day is today, it tends to come out as a winner of one kind or another. There is a number “1″ in front of it, and how many “O” behind it? The sign of the Day that accompanies this number will indicate the type of success you can hope for… and the type of investment you should make. Hope forever. Keep dreaming. Dream big. And go to your goal.

On the problems of strategy. Smoky mirrors. The hint of your Sign of the Day is very timely. But you may think that this is some kind of deception of your eyes or brain. A simple coincidence. A terrible case. The sign reveals what it means. But everyone sees it from different angles. And not everyone is ready to see in it what it is. Be the judge.
Days number “two” favor partnership. Julie marries David at the White House. Chuck takes Dee as his legal wife. Geraldine Ferraro is the number two candidate on the Democratic list. Association of Boy Scouts. Blacks were granted the right to join the American Bowling Congress. Reagan was re-elected. Mussolini is arrested. Elvis goes to military service . Not all unions are sacred, and this day favors all kinds of partnerships.

Nixon marries Eisenhower at the White House on December 22, 1968 (“2 Dog”). Prince Charles makes Dee a princess on July 29, 1981 (“2 Broom”) – The first woman nominated for vice president on July 12, 1984 (“2 Monkey”). The Boy Scouts of America united on February 8, 1910 (“2 Rabbit”). The Bowling Congress began accepting blacks on May 12, 1950 (“2 Monkey”), Reagan was elected for a second term on November 6, 1984 (“2 Rabbit”). Fascist dictator Mussolini was deposed on July 25, 1943 (also “2 Rabbit”). Elvis Presley enlists in the military on March 24, 1958, (“2 Maize”).

On work issues. Double foresight. Your Sign of the Day is being modified today by the opposite point of view. Even pleasant news has an unpleasant taste. The good guys and the bad guys sort things out, and the winner is not always an enlightened despot. Be reasonable when you take sides. There are both underwater and discontinuous currents. Be careful when entering into partnerships.

On matters of love. Identical twins. Today, your Sign of the Day is affected by its mirror image. True opposites can and do attract. Even unfamiliar bed partners sometimes match each other (although not necessarily for more than a couple of nights). Best friends are born, not become. And only identical twins can be related by true kinship. It can be about friendship, courtship and even marriage. The day is just made for couples.
On money issues. The Sign of the Day you received is multiplied by compound percentages. Over time, your investment may double. Or you can double your bet. On this day, the market is unusual as a two-dollar bill. Keep one in your wallet as a counter and reminder.

On the problems of strategy. A double game. Your Sign of the Day gives two-sided, double-edged and deceitful advice. You may have to take a wait-and-see attitude. Or choose between the simple truth and a clever deception. There is a point and counterpoint. Anyone who tries to outshine everyone risks being accused of a double game.