The underwater world holds no less secrets than the expanses of space. Every year the depths of the sea reveal their secrets, however, there are no fewer questions. The Mariana Trench holds the record for the number of mysteries and unexplained facts. As a result of what it was formed and what it hides in its dark depths – these questions have been exciting scientific minds for decades. However, this time the researchers looked even further – under the Mariana Trench. It turned out that there is life at this great depth! The sensational find justified one of the most controversial and unthinkable theories.

Recall that about a year ago, a glowing sphere was recorded in the ocean washing the shores of Southern California. The diameter of the unidentified ball was only a few centimeters, however, scientists are still at a loss to guess what it could be. There was an assumption that nothing more than a new form of life was discovered in the ocean. To confirm or refute this fact, scientists sent a robot to the ocean floor to deliver an unidentified sphere to shore. When all the samples were taken, the sphere suddenly split into several parts. Nothing is known about her future fate, as well as about the results of the research…

Whether the glowing sphere was somehow connected with the discovery under the Mariana Trench remains to be seen, but for now scientists are studying the life they found at a depth of 10 km below the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In the samples of serpentine raised from the depths of the depression, traces of the life of bacteria that feed on methane gas were found. Scientists claim that we are talking about extremophile bacteria. These unique microorganisms are able to withstand temperatures of almost 122 degrees Celsius. Such super-abilities allow them to quietly exist in the heated stone layers under the seabed.

It is too early to say that these unique creatures are the only inhabitants under the bottom of the Mariana Trench. However, the very fact that life is possible in such conditions shows how little the underwater world has been studied and how limitless the possibilities of all life on Earth are!