Science has proven that in summer women become more relaxed and bolder in sexual experiments. Natalia STAROSTINA found out how to get more pleasure in the heat without earning a heat stroke.


Summer must-have for sexual fun is a Snapchat smartphone app that stores sent photos or videos from 1 to 10 seconds. To view the file, the recipient must hold his finger on the screen, otherwise the picture will be deleted immediately. You can send a piquant frame to anyone you wish, being sure that there will be no evidence left.

In the middle of the last century, during excavations in the Dakhla Valley in Egypt, researchers made an interesting discovery. Contrary to popular myths about Cleopatra’s lovemaking and the sexual activity of the ancient Egyptians (judging by the excavated erotic devices – from condoms to aphrodisiacs), they had sex mainly in the summer. Moreover, the hottest two months were July and August. The people of the country of big Hapi attributed the seasonal excitement to nature: at this time, the Nile covered the fields with silt, enriching the land. What is not a sign from above to show sexual generosity, giving thanks to the gods?

Modern physiologists find another explanation for the summer exacerbation: at this time of year, the body is maximally saturated with vitamin D, which is involved in the formation of high-quality sperm in men and stimulating hormones in women. That is why July and August are considered ideal for conception. However, if replenishment in the family is not planned, why waste precious time? According to the results of surveys, most of the sexually mature inhabitants of the planet believe that sex in the summer is more pleasant and accessible – if only because they can be done anywhere, regardless of weather conditions.


After the invention of the elevator, the window sill, the shower cabin, the spinning office chair on wheels and the washing machine, mankind came to the conclusion that the bed is far from the only space for making love. But before you storm the living spaces of an apartment, master the classics of the genre – sex in the back seat of a car. The Americans were the first to get into the taste — in the 1970s, every third US resident was conceived in a car salon. Today USA Today recognizes that 48% of respondents consider such an experience to be the most exciting adventure in life.

Every woman sooner or later has a fantasy about a passionate act in the back seat of a car. In the summer, it’s easier to start a prelude to car sex — you don’t need to take off several layers of clothes and worry that the car will be swept by snow. And oral sex during a stop is the most popular male fantasy,” confirms the theory of sex coach and founder of the international network “Sex.rf Training Center” Ekaterina Lyubimova.


July is prime time for resort adventures, “It doesn’t matter whether you decide to have sex on a deserted Phi Phi beach or make an intimate ascent of Mount Everest, wild sex in any case will sharpen your intimacy to the limit and add color to sexual life. The main thing is to observe simple safety rules, – Ekaterina Lyubimova warns. – For example, choose poses in which you do not risk taking home a part of an unfamiliar fauna that got inside, and do not lose vigilance to notice an angry grizzly that you woke up with your violent intercourse.” Familiar sex adventurers add to the warning list a jellyfish-boat (“washed up to her husband by a crazy wave”), poison ivy (“look where you sit down, taking off your clothes”), tsetse fly (“don’t wear black and blue underwear — they adore these colors”) and a crowd of Japanese tourists with cameras suddenly surging into the Brazilian jungle (“it’s not even an hour, someone from friends will stumble upon your candid images online”).


The byword of our editorial office is the story of an employee of ELLE, who was detained by a customs officer, asked to open a suitcase, and, shaking in the air with a stylish bright pink vibrator of the Dolphin model, demanded to explain: “What is buzzing here?” The girl did not fade away and told in detail what was what, while the color of the border guard’s face acquired the shade of that very sex toy. However, this is just a lyrical digression before a life hack from a scientific colleague: choose waterproof gadgets for the summer and put them in a bowl of cool water or in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes before use — a great way to tease feelings, especially if you hand the “control panel” to a man. “Summer sex accessories should be cheerful and exciting! Pay attention to the bright and high-quality vibrators of the German brand Fun Factory, cheerful erection rings with vibration, Tenga eggs, edible oil for oral sex and erotic massage – everything that will cause you joyful summer emotions that are pleasant to remember on a cold winter evening,” adds Ekaterina.


Asian sex culture has been in fashion for years, and everyone catches its exotic trends in different ways. At first, the boyfriend of a colleague was skeptical about the passion for yoga from an expensive guru – until during the first joint vacation she gave him a “master class”, diversifying the passionate intimacy with Dhanurasana (bow pose, aka “frog” and “basket”) and Ushtrasana (camel pose with his head thrown back). After that night, the impressed cavalier begged: “Don’t stop studying! I’ll pay for everything!” The Chinese lover of a friend persuaded her in bed to “chirp like a bird” and “murmur like a stream” (this is how it is customary to excite a man in his homeland) and eat a piece of watermelon during foreplay, which, as it turned out, contains arginine, a compound that improves blood flow below the waist. They say this is how the most indefatigable lover in history restored potency — the Chinese emperor Yang of the dynasty with the speaking name Sui, in whose bed experiments 7 wives and 72 court ladies took part. “By the way, about the exotic: nothing will relieve work stress better than an erotic body massage, even if you arrange it in the country, and not on the hot coast of Phuket. You will be surprised at what exploits a traditional Thai procedure will excite a man,” the sex coach gives a piquant tip.