Can’t gain weight? Or get in shape, lose extra pounds? Look at the calendar. Most likely, it is he who is the main cause of your problems. Experts from the Buckingham Institute of Human Health (UK), led by Charles Maconavaux, have identified a direct pattern between the time of year and weight. During the research, amazing facts that were not previously known were revealed.

In the period from September to December, the weight increases by 1,900-2300 grams even while maintaining the lifestyle and nutrition. But already in the second half of winter, the extra pounds begin to go away by themselves. Nights are getting shorter, so the body needs less “reserves”.

10,000 volunteers took part in the experiment. Charles Macon auto noticed that men gain kilograms heavier and more stable. Girls gain faster, but then it’s harder for them to lose. By spring, such a situation turns out: men still do not have time to gain the necessary kilograms. The ladies are already ready to dump, but they can’t do it in any way. Experts call the discovery the “titmouse paradox”. They are sure that nutritionists, cosmetologists, and fitness trainers should take into account the time of year factor.

The head of the research shares his plans: “For the first time we were able to publish and prove an idea that previously seemed absurd to everyone. When planning a diet, you need to take into account the “blue tit paradox” so as not to exhaust and exhaust your body once again. We plan to continue the research. The task is to show that slimness is a natural gift. It is important for a person to learn how to properly dispose of it…”.

Previously, studies have been conducted proving the dependence of the figure on the phases of the Moon, on the emotional state, communication with relatives and even communication with animals.