Be forewarned that this author is by no means impartial since he is the proud owner of a yellow lab named Bruno. Labrador Retrievers are undoubtedly the best family dog available. For the most part, they have a wonderful temperament and get along with the people they live with as well as any strangers they come across. They also get along well with other dogs and kids.

Labrador retrievers come in three varieties, Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. It is interesting to note that puppies of all three color varieties can be born in the same litter. They also have a distinctive otter like tail. They range in weight from sixty to eighty pounds. They shed a moderate amount, especially in the summer, but a lot less than golden retrievers. Labs are easy to train and very receptive to praise. They are often used as seeing eye dogs or as other types of service dogs.

If you are ready to purchase a lab, do your homework. Unfortunately, you will find lots of puppy mills since they are such a popular breed. It is better if you contact the American Kennel Club and ask them for a lab breeder registered with them. Despite the traits of the breed, irresponsible breeding for profit could produce dogs that are more prone injuries or temperament problems. When you speak to the breeder, ask about the line of dogs responsible for the litter of the dog you are considering. Watch out if they can.t tell you about the line, or if they can.t certify that none of the dogs in the line had hip problems, which affects some Labradors.

Labs are extremely energetic. Be prepared to provide lots of exercise for a lab if you don.t want it to bounce off the walls. They love the water, are great swimmers, and won.t help you keep your house very clean. A lab that has a choice between lying on the lawn or a mud puddle will almost always choose the mud puddle.