The name of this hero is Mamai. In the homes of our ancestors, paintings with his image hung in the most honorable place. The image of the Cossack knight fascinated with its majestic strength, its spiritual and physical perfection.

He protects all the offended, helps honest people. Mamai is sitting cross-legged under a green oak tree in the middle of a wide steppe, playing a kobza, humming something or thoughtfully smoking a cradle. And next to his faithful friend is a saddled horse. Neither a bullet nor a saber could defeat this Cossack, because he was immortal.

The oak symbolized the steadfastness, strength and immortality of the people

Kobza, and later bandura – a musical symbol of the Ukrainian people

The horse is a symbol of freedom, true friendship and devotion

The weapon is a symbol of courage and fighting spirit