In December 1897, the premiere of a new play “Cyrano de Bergerac” took place on the stage of the Port-Saint-Martin Theater.

Roxanne, whom they both adore, loves both, not knowing that Cyrano is the secret half of her dear Christian.

Christian and Roxanne fell in love with each other solely for their attractive appearance. He does not talk to her, because in the first conversation with Cyrano, he admits that he is not a master of talking about love.

Since Roxanne is a famous prude, she is used to the witty speeches of fans, and he is sure that he will disappoint her. Cyrano offers to be a “translator”: he will come up with a language for Christian to communicate with Roxanne. Cyrano will lead the hero of the novel, adding his eloquence to Christian’s physical beauty.

With the help of letters and speeches, the author of which was Cyrano, Christian manages to win Roxanne’s heart, but as soon as he gets tired of repeating other people’s words, and he is distracted from the prepared speech, he immediately falls out of favor.

Roxanne: …I’m going to sit here, and you’re at my feet,

And I will greedily listen to your speeches Oh, speak quickly, I beg you! I’m waiting for poetry, my friend!

Christian: I love you.

Roxanne: Yes! Tell me about your tender passion.

I surrender myself to the soul of the confessions of ardent power.

Christian: I love you, I love you!

Roxana: Oh, wonderful words!

Christian: I love you, I love you!

Roxana: Yes, my friend, here is the canvas!

On it, you sketch patterns whimsically.

Christian: I love you!

Roxanne: Well, and then? I’m waiting impatiently.

Christian: Then… then… then-

How happy I would be When my love Found the answer from you! Do you love me?

Roxana: I can’t stand prose!

You give weeds Instead of fragrant roses. You love me, but how?

Christian: Um… how? Terrible!

Roxana: Develop a mysterious thread for your feelings.

Christian: I want to kiss you, hug you passionately!

Roxanne: Can’t you compose anything better?

Christian: I love you!

ROXANNE: Again? Well, I’m leaving you.

(He wants to get up).

Christian: No, I don’t love you, Roxanne!

ROXANNE: Finally!

Christian: Yes, I don’t love you,

I… I adore you!

Roxanne: Oh, my creator!

CHRISTIAN: I’m sorry… Oh my God!

Involuntarily I become stupid, I lose my mind…

Roxanne: I can see that, yes.

Stupidity has never been to my taste, And you could not captivate me with your beauty alone, I confess, As without beauty – with your mind alone.

Christian: But… but…

Roxanne: Where is your whole mind?

Where is all your art?

Go collect your frustrated feelings!

And look for eloquence again!

Christian: But… but…

Roxana: You love me, I’ve known for a long time.


After such a failure, Christian begs Cyrano for help, and in the famous scene on the balcony they participate together. Cyrano stands in the shade and prompts Christian, who repeats his words to Roxane, leaning from the balcony. When Christian does not understand Cyrano’s words well, Cyrano pushes him away and continues to speak, and Roxanne hears a voice, but does not see the speaker.

ROXANNE: … Tell me, why is your Pegasus limping?

Cyrano: I will continue. Otherwise it is impossible!

Roxana: Do you seem to have difficulty with words?

Cyrano: Get to your ear carefully

It is difficult for them to touch and in the twilight of the night.

And then their communication continues with rhymed couplets that enliven the dialogue. In the end , Roxanne confesses: “Yes, yes, I’m shaking all over, I’m crying, my heart is beating. You have intoxicated me, and I am yours, yours!..” Christian, who has been on the sidelines all this time, now comes forward: he wants Cyrano to beg a kiss from Roxanne. “She’s in such a state of excitement as I’ve never seen her in; I can’t waste such a moment…”. Then Christian climbs the wall, clinging to the branches, and kisses Roxanne, and Cyrano comforts himself: Not every translation is able to convey the light and lively language of the play, while prose, especially English, sounds like sacrilege.

After such a climax, the action develops rapidly. Roxanne and Christian get married the same night, but he is sent to war with a regiment of guards, including Cyrano. During the hostilities, Cyrano risks his life every day, climbing over enemy fortifications to send letters to Roxane, which he writes himself on behalf of Christian. These letters turn out to be so exciting that Roxanne rushes towards their author. She manages to get to the place where the hostilities are unfolding in an amazing pumpkin-like carriage, like in the Cinderella fairy tale, loaded with food supplies for the soldiers. Cyrano is forced to admit to Christian that he sent two letters every day. When Roxanne confesses to Christian that now, because of these inspired letters, she loves him more than before, appreciates his soul in him, not beauty, he feels devastated. Looking into Cyrano’s face, he says, “She doesn’t love me! Yes! Only you are loved!”

Cyrano: Me?

Christian: Of course.

I know that.

Cyrano: Well! I won ‘t hide it,

That I love her.

Christian: Like your life!

Cyrano: No, more…

Christian calls Cyrano to explain his love to Roxane so that she can choose one of them, but before Cyrano could explain the essence of the matter to her, Christian died. Cyrano barely manages to ease the death of a friend by lying to him: “She only loves you!” And Cyrano falls silent forever.

Well, to tell the truth, not quite forever. Fifteen years later, Cyrano comes, as usual, once a week to visit Roxanne at the monastery, where she lives as a widow after Christian’s death. Before Cyrano dies, he gives free rein to his feelings. Roxanne finally learns the truth about who was the author of those wonderful confessions that so warmed her heart in separation from her beloved.

Roxanne: It was all you…

Cyrano: No, no!

Roxana: And on this night,

There by the window then… I’ve been talking to you… You captivated me with Magic words!..

Cyrano: No! Drive this thought away!

No! I didn’t love you!

Roxana: No, you loved me.

Cyrano: No… I didn’t love you…

Roxanne: I know that by loving,

You were so generous!

Cyrano: No! No! My love,

I didn’t love you!

Dying, Cyrano confides to Roxane his only love secret: “That’s how my whole life is. I stood humbly, timidly in the shadow.” And she finally realizes, “Oh, my God! I have loved one all my life, and now I am losing this dear creature anew!”