Jealousy is an uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy in comparison to other people. There is not a single person in the world who does not experience this sensation. We are shown beautiful ads for expensive cars, we look on social networks at the stars who own expensive houses, things, etc. Unwittingly, envy may arise from the desire to possess the same things as others.

Or maybe someone is jealous not of popular stars, but of a neighbor or classmate / colleague who has a higher standard of living. Envy can be quite toxic if you don’t know how to redirect energy in a positive direction. For example, the success of others can be a great motivator, because if the other succeeds in getting what they want, then you can do it. Envy is simply a feeling that a person himself can give a certain color: positive or negative. If you dwell on the achievements of other people, constantly belittle yourself and think that you still won’t succeed, then there will be one negative.

And if the successes of others are used for good, as motivation, then there is nothing wrong with this feeling. On the contrary, maybe for a long time you could not understand what you want, but when you saw a new thing from a popular star, you decided that you need the same one. It’s up to you whether you want to carry negative or be filled with positive.