In general philosophical terms, the problem is not at all the prerogative of religion alone. Moreover, it is in their interests to represent the posthumous existence of consciousness as a fundamentally unknowable phenomenon, and any attempts to study it in former times were persecuted.

However, the whole history of mankind testifies that the other world is not so unknowable at all. Moreover, there are spontaneous attempts of active contact on both sides. From the physical world, mediums and participants of spiritualistic sessions are trying to get in touch with the souls of the dead, but even more activity is observed from that side: ghosts, poltergeist, automatic writing, and in our enlightened age, also “electronic voices”, and even whole TV reports. In scientific terms, there is a certain information exchange between the material world and the spiritual world (in the first approximation it can be considered a field form of the existence of matter). More often direct, but sometimes through intermediaries, which, for example, was Vanga. And no matter how representatives of orthodox science and orthodox religions treat this fact, such an exchange really exists, as evidenced, in particular, by numerous letters from our readers.

The historical aspects of attempts to communicate with the other world have been discussed more than once on the pages of our a, and here I will touch only on specific cases, using fragments of readers’ letters.

The Muscovite Dmitrieva’s husband died four years ago. But after some time, usually at night, she suddenly began to hear his voice.

“I have a 100-liter aquarium in my room,” Dmitrieva writes to the editorial office. – Two filters continuously work for water purification. The sounds they make are similar to the sound of rain or a flowing river. They are amplified when the filters are slightly polluted. And in the middle of the night (not in a dream -awake) I begin to hear my husband’s voice. At first I was very scared, then I began to listen and try to make out the words. And I got the impression that he can only speak using the sounds of filters. And these sounds are rushing at such a speed that I can’t make out the phrases. But the voice is absolutely his, as is the manner of speaking. But only the speech is monotonous, dispassionate.

It is possible to make out only individual words, from which it is difficult to compose whole phrases: “tomorrow”, “in this case”, “under such circumstances”, etc. I got the impression that the noise of the filter serves as a material for creating his speech. Filters make monotonous noise, the husband’s speech does not appear immediately, but lasts for a long time. I painfully try to grasp the meaning, get tired, stop listening, and the speech continues. There is no such thing during the day, perhaps street noises interfere… It seems to me that we need to listen more and take a closer look at such phenomena – after all, those who leave us are no less inventive than we are, and passionately want to contact us using any of their capabilities.”

Two more closely echo this story.

Nechitailo from Kharkiv says: “Every summer my friends and I spend a vacation exploring the Crimean caves. In 2002, our comrade Kostya Gnatyuk tragically died in one of them under a landslide. The following year, on the anniversary of his death, we gathered there… The cave is large, there is a small river flowing through it, going into a siphon, which turned out to be impassable. There we made a halt and remembered each other with mugs of mineral water. His girlfriend Sveta was with us, who suddenly said that she heard Kostya’s voice. We listened and heard too. This could not possibly be a collective hallucination: Kostya asked me to tell his mother not to go to his grave so often. And if she doesn’t believe us, then give her a phrase that he repeated several times, but the meaning of which was incomprehensible to us. And he said exactly the same strange phrase for Svetlana, who immediately became hysterical.”

To be honest, I have never had to engage in spiritualism, or recording “electronic voices”, or otherwise communicate with the other world, so I cannot consider myself an expert on these issues. Therefore, in answering your letters, I will rely on the experience of the American researcher Konstantinos, who wrote the book “Connection with the Other World”. And I’ll start by repeating the thought he expressed accurately and elegantly about the main method of such communication, the most accessible to our otherworldly subscribers: “Unlike us humans, representatives of the otherworld are immaterial. That is, in order to form some information for us in the materialized world, they must be able to “blind” it from something.

This thought also occurred to Dmitrieva, whose letter is given above. And the ideal “clay” from which something can be “molded” will be the so-called “white noise” (I will make a reservation in advance that for now we will limit ourselves to sources of acoustic “white noise”). An example of them in nature is the sound of rain or a waterfall. And for those who want to delve into the essence of the phenomenon, let me remind you that in the spectrum of “white noise” there are simultaneously sounds of all audible frequencies. It is only necessary to sort them in a special way. But how the subscribers from the other side do it is their problem. Judging by the letters, they can do it.

As Konstantinos notes, “electrical devices are sources of “white noise”, stimulate representatives of the other world to contact only when these sources contribute to quiet work and relaxation. An air conditioner in this respect is much more preferable than, say, a shaker. We should not forget that those who have passed away were once the same people who react to external stimuli in the same way as we do. For example, a motorist will be pleased to hear the sound of the motor of his favorite car once again. By the way, special devices manufactured by industry that reproduce natural natural noises are quite suitable for these experiments, because they create an appropriate mood and do not irritate the hearing.” (Here is the answer to A.I. Sorokina’s letter.)

Konstantinos notes that the best conditions for contact arise in the house of the deceased, if you use a familiar sound source. After all, the aquarium in Dmitrieva’s apartment was most likely installed by her husband, and no doubt he liked to look at its inhabitants and heard the noise of the compressor at the same time. So in her case, there were almost ideal conditions for contact.

Of course, not everyone who bought imitators of natural noises will immediately begin to communicate with otherworldly subscribers. An almost indispensable condition for such a connection will be a mental attitude towards the subscriber, as well as things belonging to that person. Surely A.I. Sorokina constantly remembered her dead sister, or perhaps they lived together.

By the way, Konstantinos advises: if you do not enter the house of the deceased, but really want to hear him, use any thing that belonged to him, or even better, a photo.

Special attention should be paid to cave acoustic phenomena. Dmitrieva quite correctly notes that “voices” are heard only at night, when there are no household and street noises. When staying underground for a long time due to a sharp drop in the flow of information through the visual channel, the sensitivity of the acoustic channel increases just as sharply.

In his book Kaluga speleologist A.Perepelitsin reminds that in no case should you stay for a long time near underground water sources – you can go crazy. The speleologist V. Martyanov speaks more openly about this: “If you listen to the sounds of underground sources, you can hear “otherworldly voices” addressed directly to you.” So it happened with the guys who came to the place of the death of a comrade to remember him. They all tuned in to his image together, besides, the girl of the deceased was with them. And the “subscriber” could not help but respond. By the way, the information he reported from there was fully confirmed. Now let’s turn to the letters, so to speak, of the opposite nature. Their authors tried to get in touch with the other world, but they failed.

V. Berdyshevsky from Gomel: “I tried to use the method of Jurgenson, which was described in your e. I went out of town several times with a tape recorder, but I couldn’t record any voices.”

Well, if everything were that simple, then the owners of tape recorders would have a nightmarish life: it’s worth turning it on, and a whole crowd of those who have gone to another world will stand in line to talk to the world of the living. After all, even before Jurgenson, people went into the woods with a tape recorder to record the voices of birds, and he probably did the same operation before, but no voices appeared on the tape. All of the above applies to attempts to record “electronic voices”, and at the same time I want to remind you of another fundamental point: the film must be factory-made, never used. Why the “specialists” in recording “voices” insist on this condition, I do not really understand, but as a radio amateur and instrument maker I will try to give my explanation.

In stationary and “ancient” portable tape recorders, the recording from the film was erased using a high-frequency alternating magnetic field of the erasing head. If you take a clean film and a film demagnetized in this way, the level of their own magnetic noise will not differ much. In later designs of portable tape recorders, the recording was erased using barium magnets, but in this case the film was not demagnetized, but magnetized by a constant magnetic field until saturation. And to write to such a “magnetized” medium, a significantly higher level of the original signal is required. Simply put, the magnetized film loses its sensitivity to ultra-weak signals.

Well, if my hypothesis is correct, with a modern pocket tape recorder, you will not succeed at all, even on a clean film: after all, when recording, a permanent magnet is immediately brought to it, which magnetizes it. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to either temporarily remove it, or disconnect the turn rod going to the “record” button. And of course, you need to have a mindset for a specific subscriber, and not hope to record “whatever”.

Georgy Tsintsadze from Kutaisi: “I regularly come with a tape recorder to the grave of my son who died in Abkhazia, but I have never been able to record his voice.”

Dear George! According to Konstantinos, “the use of a sound source once close to the heart of the deceased will give positive results even in places where the soul of the deceased does not particularly like to stay. In particular, at the cemetery where his body is buried. Apparently, souls do not favor these places with their visits.”

Maria Afanasyevna Polovneva from Penza: “It just so happened that I was able to transport to my homeland only an urn with the ashes of my deceased son. I read in your e that sometimes it is possible to hear the voice of the deceased if you turn on the receiver to a place free from radio stations, where only noises are heard. So that my family would not think that I was crazy, I conducted this experiment in the bath: I took a radio with me and put it near the urn with ashes.”

Dear Maria Afanasyevna! I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I have to ask this question: are you sure in the era of rampant cemetery business that your son’s ashes are in the urn? I’m sorry I have to touch your wound. And more. The bathhouse is not the most suitable place for such attempts, because there are probably no things of your son in it. It is best to use his photo. Remember: all psychics, when trying remote treatment or diagnosis, use a photo: as in the passport, it serves to identify (call) the subscriber in the global information field.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to answer N.A. Dmitrieva’s question about the fate of our mutual friend, Doctor of Geographical Sciences L. Berry. On the pages of “UFO” I have already told about our joint work with him on the development of electromagnetic methods for predicting dangerous natural phenomena. L. Berry is now in Canada. I would like to remind our readers of the sad statistics in this regard: during the Yeltsin rule, out of three million scientists of the former USSR, more than two million went abroad. But Niels Bohr also noticed: “If you want to bring any country to its knees, destroy science in it, and then you won’t need an army.”