When we talk about multicellular life, we already initially assume that civilization has evolved in some way. That is, the transition from atoms to molecules, from molecules to communities of molecules and unicellular organisms, and from them to the formation of multicellular living beings, has already been carried out. This is the essence of evolution in this particular case, it is progress, and the fruit of millions of years of reincarnations that matter has undergone under the influence of the forces of the cosmos.

These forces include both the forces of inertia and the forces of attraction. Basically, they marked the course of this unprecedented scale mechanism. The course of this grandiose hourglass, on one side of which are all of us and everything around, and on the other side below, or in this case in the center, the primordial and all-consuming beginning!

A large number of living cells, more than one cell, gave us the possession of the current form of life, at the level at which it is available to us now. That is, man appeared as a result of the evolution of civilization on planet Earth, and this is perhaps the main achievement at the moment. Why does it sound so pathetic? And here the answer is obvious, because man is the key operator of the natural program of the matrix. In other words, the program of being by us programs the further course of development.

With our hands, nature administers the development of humanity, the development of all living things.

Through our brain, receptors and limbs, new inventions and scientific discoveries come into the world. Many of these discoveries turn our lives upside down and speed up the run of history at times. The work is being replaced by manual processes by leaps and bounds. A greater spread of living beings with modified, built-in and added abilities is not far off. We are talking here about cybernetic organisms in which the living and the inanimate will be combined. Life is gradually moving into the channel by which we will come to a new state of life. We will come to a transition from biological, cellular life, to life in new matters, a new unprecedented, synthesized life.

But let’s not get too far ahead. Now we are talking about multicellular life. And it is necessary to give worthy praise to this period of our evolution. Here we make the main discoveries that bring us closer to eternal life. And there is no place for miracles here. Modern scientific approaches, such as genetic engineering, microsurgery, nano-technologies, transplantation, give us stronger and more reliable confidence in the future today.

The force of nature, called life, by setting a program for our every day, decomposing it into operators and formulas, determines our bright future. But we will have to try!