Do you remember how it was in fairy tales? Threw on a raincoat / pulled on a hat – and you can’t see everything? You can hide from enemies, slip into the treasury, attend important negotiations… These are no longer fairy tales! Scientists from the British Institute for Ion and Microparticle Research conducted large-scale research and created similar “wardrobe items”.
How did it happen? Scientific explanation of the work of the “invisible hats”

A layer consisting of microscopic colloidal gold particles is created. These microparticles do not reflect light rays, so the object becomes invisible to the human eye.

We remind you that our vision perceives objects only through light reflection. If it is not there, then we simply “do not see” either a person or objects.

The “cloak” works even when moving. You can run, jump, walk in it, but no one will notice. The discovery has already been useful to the special services. According to rumors, the first batches of invisibility hats and capes have already been received by combat units and security services.

“We understood that we were creating a real weapon. People can remain unnoticed, preparing terrorist attacks, armed attacks, robberies. Any invention can be used both for good purposes and not so much … That’s why we have thought of a special device-the “antidote” of the invisibility cap. It scans the space and detects the presence of a person in it..” – shares the results of the research Paul Gabriel, who holds the post of director of the British Institute for Ion and Microparticle Research.

Will such raincoats go on official sale? The authors of the invention refer to secret projects and a ban on mass production. So in the next 2-3 years, you are unlikely to be able to purchase such a useful “gadget”.