The Monarch butterfly is a species of butterfly with a 3 to 4 inch of wingspan and a trademark color of orange and black. They are well known for their ability and peculiar behavior of embarking on a long journey in groups from one place to another. This journey I am referring to is not a short journey which can last a quarter of a day but I am referring to monarch butterfly migration which can last from one season to another.

Yes, you heard me right. Monarch butterfly migration is a phenomenon most anticipated by numerous butterfly enthusiasts all across the globe. The journey going north begins in Central Mexico in their winter habitat which is situated on only 12 mountain tops in the planet. The monarch begins their spring migration in March towards the north direction. They have to act fast since they have few weeks remaining to live. In this short span of time they have to be able to produce the next generation of monarchs. Thus, females lay their eggs as they instinctively travel towards their destination. The migration continues from March to June. It is at this point of the migration that the monarch butterflies exposes themselves to different hazards both natural and man made. The duration of the migration is normally exceeds the lifespan of the monarchs thus along the way a number would perish but somehow it is maintained by continued production of eggs. The whole migration process takes up three generations of monarchs to complete. But there are also a few monarchs who stay in one place. Approximately the migration is said to cover 2000 miles.

It is really amazing when winter comes. The butterflies somehow sense the changes and season and they would begin preparing for the long journey back to Mexico. The most mind boggling thing about this migration pattern is that the new breed of monarchs, by instinct alone are able to pass to the same mountaintops that their ancestors passed on the way. There are several questions that even if it is plausible, it is still amazing to have it witness in one’s own eyes the visible order and rhythm of nature through the movements of these butterflies. The monarch butterfly migration is said to be one of nature’s most ostensible paragon of adaptation and survival.

With the increasing number of people getting aware of these creatures, authorities have deployed certain measures to ensure the survival of these insects. They declared that the insects are protected and that a ban on illegal logging is imposed. Moreover, special structures were constructed in order to give these butterflies a safe haven and that those people who want to see these amazing creature may be able to do so up close and personal.