In 1796, Joseph Cabri from the French city of Bordeaux was hired on a warship and took part in the fighting against Britain.

His ship was unlucky, it was sunk by the British, and Kabri was captured by them.

Perhaps he would have had to drag out the miserable existence of a prisoner of war for a long time, but providence gave him a chance to make a significant change in his fate. By agreement with the British command, British whalers could replenish their crews at the expense of captured French sailors. So Joseph ended up on board a whaling ship.

The voyage was going to be long, and Kabri hoped that by his return the war would be over and he would return safely to his homeland. Alas, not all our plans come true, fate breaks them every now and then, as if testing us for strength. So Joseph hardly expected that his voyage would end as soon as it began. As soon as the ship entered the Pacific Ocean, a crushing storm dealt with it, smashing it to pieces. Only two managed to escape: Joseph Kabri and an Englishman named Roberts got out on a small uninhabited island.

Next to the island of Nukagiva, inhabited by savages, so the newly-born Robinsons did not have to be bored for a long time — a day later they were captured by tattooed creepy-looking aborigines. From all the experience Kabri fell into unconsciousness and came to his senses only a few days later. His companion was not around, and creepy faces covered with tattoos and painted with bright colors kept peeking into the hut. Especially often a young girl looked in on him, she was clearly interested in a young pale-faced prisoner.

Kabri recalled the stories of seasoned sailors about cannibal savages, about their bloody orgies. Now he bitterly regretted that he had not been left to rot in captivity in the British Isles, where at least it was possible to die like a human being, and not end his days on a spit with cannibals. Every time someone looked into his hut, Joseph shuddered, expecting that he was about to be sacrificed to some local god or sent to the cooks to make a delicious dish…

However, the young Frenchman was lucky. The girl who often looked into the hut and was clearly interested in him turned out to be the daughter of a local king. She begged her father to give her in marriage to a prisoner. Although the beauty of the local “princess” was not different, Joseph understood that his life could only be saved by this marriage. He soon became the son-in-law of the savage king.

Joseph Kabri turned out to be a pretty cool guy, he quickly fit into the life of the tribe, learned the local language, proved himself an active and strong warrior. He participated in a number of skirmishes with other tribes and soon, became and &chodnAnim doek venima of his tribe. Remembering everything he had heard about the military tactics of the European armies, Kabri used some tricks in the local “theater of operations”, thanks to them the tribe won a number of brilliant victories.

The savage King appointed Joseph as his successor.

After a while , a simple sailor became the king of the savages and began to bear the title of Cabrioli I.

There was another European in his tribe, the same British sailor with whom he escaped during the shipwreck. The savages did not eat him and did not kill him, he also married an Aboriginal woman, but did not show himself in any way, so he was just an ordinary member of the tribe.

Of course, Cabrili I perfectly remembered his European origin, so any ship off the coast of his island was greeted with an unprecedented, merchants or whalers could not fear for their lives here, collect fresh water, exchange fruits and vegetables from the natives. It was already difficult to recognize the former French sailor in the local king: a strong tan hid his white skin, local tattoos covered the entire body, a headdress of feathers decorated his head. Cabrioli I had a large family, his wife regularly gave birth to his children. Despite several chances to return to his homeland on passing ships, Jose did not even think of leaving his island.