In order to compare the brains of men and women, a group of international experts had to conduct a truly large-scale study. Perhaps it will finally put an end to this issue.

For a long time, scientists from different countries boldly argued that the male brain is quite easy to distinguish from the female brain, since it has a larger volume. No one has done a detailed study before, since this is a rather expensive event. The main problem was that the scientists used about 100 copies of the material for their conclusions. It was impossible to draw precise conclusions with such a sample.

As a result, a thorough study was planned, in which 500,000 volunteers took part at once. This allowed us to study the thickness of the cerebral cortex and study the volume of 68 of its regions. The specialists also had 2,500 MRI images of men and about 3,000 MRI images of men in the age group of 44-77 years.

The results of the research turned out to be interesting: the cerebral cortex of women turned out to be slightly thicker than men’s. As for the study of brain regions, in men they were also slightly larger in volume than women, which partially confirms the theories put forward earlier. But no striking differences were found in the structure of the brain. In addition, a parallel study was conducted on the level of intelligence. Scientists were trying to find out whether a person’s gender affects his level of intelligence.

Previous studies have not shown strong differences in the average level of intelligence of volunteers. If we take the male and female groups separately, then the level fluctuations are more pronounced in men. So this time the indicators of the volume of brain regions were very interesting. They confirmed that men have more pronounced differences in mental and physical development.

Experts have confirmed that within the same sex, brain indicators can differ significantly more than between the sexes. This allowed us to conclude that it is almost impossible to determine the sex of a person by the characteristics of the brain.

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