The prince does not want to inherit the Danish throne, he calls the burden of royal power a shameful burden. Melanchthon refuses to understand this. He thinks that although the “art of government” sometimes requires cunning and compromises, but nevertheless such “art” is pleasing to God. In addition, Melanchthon angrily denounces the unworthy behavior of Hamlet and his student friends.

The Prince listens to these accusations indifferently. The more the monk gets hot, the calmer and colder Hamlet becomes.

He seems to say from a distance: “Yes, I am a savage, not yet tamed by you, but sincerely ready for taming… how to become a man?..” And suddenly asks Melanchthon to marry him to the gypsy Chlamydia.

Melaphtop: Fear God, Prince!

What do you demand from a person

Old age and a sinless conscience?..

Do you really admit that I

I’ll put on my robes, put on a stupid hat

And I will descend into this hell –

To those who have renounced God? To the despised

Holy Communion? What will I decide

Dishonor your rank and spirit forever,

To marry you to a fiend?

I will bless debauchery, I will justify

The shameful prince’s union with this whore?

Maybe a witch?

No, look for another fool.

Your desire is madness, Prince. Hamlet:

I don’t understand, what is the madness here? Melanchthon:

In my opinion, in everything… Hamlet:

I won’t argue…

But in your place

I would have given a completely different advice.

I would say: save the pagan,

And if you can pull at least one soul out of the abyss

And you will open the way to heaven for her,

That means your life had some meaning.