Communication from out there or human fakes?

Crop Circles are large circles and patterns that mysteriously appear in cereal crops when the plants are several feet high. Crop circles were first popularly reported in south England in the early 80’s. Although it seems that the circles had appeared sometime before in history particularly in Australia where the very first crop circles were reported in newspapers.

Most crop circles measure from ten feet to as large as three hundred feet. The seem to appear overnight and are sometimes preceded by amber lights in the sky. The plants which make up the circles are found lying horizontally and appear to be crushed or knocked over by an unseen force. The plants are not broken but small explosions in the area of the plant nodes at the base are commonly seen.

No tracks are usually found leading to the circles which make some people believe that they may be made by some extraterrestrial presence. The appearance of crop circles increased during the late 80’s and increasing again thru the 90’s and are still commonly reported to the present day.

In the beginning crop circles appeared very simple in design but today crop circles appear very sophisticated featuring rectangles, rings, spurs, crescents, stars and pathways linking to other formations.

What creates the circles is still a matter of debate from many people admitting to hoaxing the designs to violent weather patterns, the effects of irrigation, electromagnetic fields and other strange natural phenomena. Such as stationary whirlwinds and sudden vortices of wind.

Others claim that the circles are formed by extraterrestrial forces because of the appearance of strange lights the night before the designs appear – and that the images created are some sort of cosmic subconscious or archetypal communication. Some believe that a kind of planetary intelligence from the Earth itself is the artist.

Crop circles started to appear all over the world but in particular in the United States scientists were quick to point out freak weather patterns caused by temperate imbalances in the upper and lower portions of the atmosphere were a possible cause. While weather anomalies are pointed to as the cause for the circles they do not explain the complexity of the designs or questions about shapes that resemble pictograms.

British researchers maintain that the circles are pictorial information or hieroglyphics created by some intelligence which is trying to communicate with humans on a subconscious level.

In the 1990’s several researchers and TV crews staked out several locations equipped with infrared cameras and recording devices to try and capture whatever was creating the circles. Other than some unexplained noises over one field. They failed to pick up and photographic evidence or record any sounds – yet a crop circle appeared in the fields the next morning.